Toothpaste and it’s amazing uses (even halts Ants)


Toothpaste is the one and only sanitary product that we use daily. Every day we use toothpaste to an our tooth – but is it meant for teeth alone? Aren’t we missing out on most of its uses?
Most people use toothpaste for their household cleaning, because of the insoluble particles that enables it to remove dirt, just as toothpaste takes away plaque from our teeth.

Instances include:

  1. To clean coffee/tea stains
    Mugs don’t last long before developing dirty brown rings all over the inside from not being washed quickly – do not worry, we have been there. Instead of washing it with liquid, give it a good scrub by using toothpaste.
  2. Polishes silver
    Are you sick of your jewelry and cutlery growing grey colors? No need to go for costly polish, just add little toothpaste with a piece of cloth and you will have your silver sparkling in no time.
  3. Removal of crayon marks
    Every parent has it. Pristine walls of white. A Beautiful paint work. Before you say jack, your wall will become crayoned with multiple annotations. There is a simple solution to the problem– toothpaste! Ease those stubborn crayon marks with a small quantity of toothpaste and it will look brand new.
  4. Fixes CD scratches
    Nobody enjoys songs that skips. Gently apply some paste over the scratches on the CD and you will be back grooving’.
  5. Preventing Ants marching
    If you can find their entry point into your home, place a dab of toothpaste across their way and it will prevent their entry or failing that call a pest company like these
  6. Deodorizes your baby bottles
    Many parents spend fortunes on brand new baby bottles, because the old ones smell of soured milk after some weeks. Do not spend money on new ones unless you need to – add some quantity of toothpaste in the bottle, then add some warm water, shake it inside out and pour away – your bottle is going to be minty-fresh and clean.
  7. Use it as a caulk/filler
    You are moving. Your house is blitzed with grime and dirt – however, you are taking off your clocks and pictures from your walls and there are tiny holes all over the apartment. Do not fret – apply a small quantity over the holes. Who needs to utilize a costly filler when you have toothpaste?
  8. Whitens piano keys
    It is sad when your piano looks older than it is, due to the yellow keys. Just like toothpaste assists with yellow teeth, same applies to piano keys, so transform your piano and make it look new.
  9. Cleaning of shoes
    A brand new shoe will never look new for a long time, most especially, should the edges be white. Use a toothbrush, brush around all the edges with toothpaste and you will be amazed at the way it will make your shoes glow.
  10. Removal of coaster marks
    There is nothing much worse than a guest putting down their mug on your new coffee table – WITHOUT the use of a coaster. However, you do not need to panic. Pop a little quantity of toothpaste around the stain and it will disappear gradually.
  11. Cleanses your iron
    When Ironing your shirt for an event, you could get those horrifying black marks. There is No time to clean the iron? Apply toothpaste on it and voila! The marks are gone.
  12. Cleanses chrome
    Whether it is chrome towel rails, taps, or chrome on a bike, you always want it to be very shiny and not dull. There is no need to spend huge sums of money on pricey polish, apply little toothpaste into them and you will be able to see your reflection.

And if toothpaste is not enough of a multi-purpose product, it has been proven to have some great benefits in the world of cosmetic/beauty:

  1. Helps reduce spots
    This is a myth that I think holds truth – toothpaste is very effective in drying up that naughty pimple that seem to arise the day before an interview or a date. Just go for a white toothpaste, most especially if your skin is sensitive. Nobody wants their spots to get worse!
  2. Strengthens nails
    Your teeth and nails are made from the same substance, it makes sense to clean your nails also. To make your nails strong and shiny, apply toothpaste on your toothbrush and clean it with it.
  3. Soothes burns and bites
    Stingy bites and burns can be painful if you do not have any medication and also the chemist is shut down. There must be some toothpaste lying around somewhere – apply a small amount to the injury and you will be amazed at how calming it will be.

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