Broken windows

We had a bad storm this weekend and the wind took a branch off the local oak tree, this tree as we found out was too local, it was within striking distance of our conservatory. The branch flew through the air and landed on our conservatory roof and broke 3 panes of glass.

It made an almighty crash as it broke through the windows and we had an immediate problem as rain came in and glass was everywhere. And it was very late, around 11:30pm, so just about time for bed, well it was before we had our little incident.

Glass, broken glass goes everywhere, the broken pieces of glass came down and smashed into millions of pieces on our tiled floor. Having not experienced this before, we were not sure what to do? But first thing first was to clear up and try and prevent the weather coming in. So we started the clear up of the glass on the floor and the pieces of tree, leaves and branch that were now in our conservatory.

We also had to move quick as we had electrical appliances in the room that were being rained on. So we turned them all off and covered them or removed them. We managed to close off the gaps in the broken windows an stop the rain coming in, in rather a temporary way. But it worked.

Next was to find an emergency glazier, this is not something you have in your phone or a card to hand, so we googled emergency glazier and found our local glazier, who was great. He came out within an hour and boarded up my temporary fix and we were weather proof immediately. He said he would have to order the glass and it would be here with 2 days.

And true to his word, he came back in 2 days and replaced all the broken windows with new windows, which were perfect.

An interesting experience that ended with a good ending, all fixed, no body died or were injured, and all a weather proof conservatory again.




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