A Limo For Your Wedding

tipsforblogger wedding limo


Ok, so imagine the moment, the love of your life has proposed (well let’s hope he is the love of your life), anyway he has proposed and the ring is organised, as is the date, you are still debating the guest list, flowers need sorting out, dress, songs, music, church or not??? The list is endless and can be stressful. But there are some fun items, like honeymoon and limousine choice!!!

Honeymoon is cool and great to look up online and discuss and plan but what about that limo, that is exciting and there is so much choice these days. And who do you get limos for, clearly for the bride’s arrival, and the groom’s arrival with the best man and the usher’s and close family. Well those of your close family  you like. And a limo to the honeymoon hotel?

So that could be three limos and you could consider a bigger vehicle (this limo company works well and is recommended for the Newcastle area) like a bus for the next level of family and friends.

It would be so great to get a limo, you would love the elegance, style, grace, comfort, ability to show off. You could also ensure that those who you care about and are always late are on time by picking them up in style. It adds so much to a wedding. Also those of your friends and family that like a drink can also be accommodated easily, so everybody wins in a limo.

Ordering your limo is key as you want to make sure you get the one you want, the limousine in the picture above looks very nice and as you can see accessories her dress rather nicely and it was clearly well chosen. Therefore you should book it up 6 to 9 months in advance to ensure the right one is available, or you might have to change your wedding dress to match the colour of the limo. 🙂

tipforblogger wedding limo 2


And if it’s a wedding in the spring, you probably should book your limo a year in advance as there will be lots of other weddings and also Proms are very big now with limo companies.

It also will help you if you do some due diligence on both the limo company and the cost of the service and the limo service itself, exactly what do you get and more importantly, what don’t you get for your money. Some limo owners are very good and some not so good.

Some good questions to ask;

  • What limo can I have, get it in writing
  • What is in the limo with regards to drinks?
  • Is the limo company insured?
  • What if you change your mind, what is the refund process?
  • Who are the drivers?
  • Are they qualified to drive the car you chose?
  • Do they know the area?
  • How experienced are they?
  • What is the total cost?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • Is there aircon/heating?
  • What music options are there?
  • What if the trips go over the agreed time?
  • What happens if the limo breaks down?

Do not be afraid to ask these questions, it is far far better to understand all these facts before your big day.

Good luck with your wedding and I hope your limousine is amazing and helps make your day wonderful.




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