How to run a marathon for the unfit/inexperienced marathon runner?

For many people running a marathon is a daunting feat that they wouldn’t easily consider partaking in. But while running a marathon can be quite the task for an inexperienced runner. It can also give one a great sense of accomplishment and validation. Running a marathon comes with a huge feeling of comradery. When running a marathon you can get strength from knowing you’re all in it together. If you’re considering running a marathon, but are worried about being unfit and unexperienced. You shouldn’t be. Everybody has to start somewhere. Here are some tips for aspiring marathon runners :

Be realistic

When planning on running a marathon you have to be realistic. If you’re choosing a marathon to take part in, you need to choose wisely. You need to make sure that it isn’t too long of a marathon. Start off with a 5,  this would be a better goal than a 10k for your first marathon. If your goal is to run a 10k, try running a five first, as part of your training. This is just to ensure that your expectations aren’t so high that it puts you off marathons forever. And also to ensure you’re ready. You should also plan your marathon ahead as far as possible. To make sure you have enough time to increase your fitness level.

Fancy footwear

When you’re about to start train for a marathon, you need the right shoes. Shoes effect not only your comfort level but several other factors as well. This includes your posture and gait. If your shoe is too loose your foot will work to keep the shoes on. Putting strain on the feet and ankles. If the shoe is too tight it will cause the feet to be squashed. This will be very painful while running. You also have to ensure your shoes will not give you blisters and have enough support. The your feet need support for proper shock absorption. Shoes can cause massive problems for your feet and even increase your chances of injury. This why it is important to make sure you have the correct footwear. They do not have to be fancy, or even good looking, just as long as they provide the necessary comfort and support.

Map out some training time

As soon as you have decided to participate in a marathon, you need to start training. This is why you need to plan ahead a much as possible. To give yourself the best possible chance at completion.  As well as give you enough time to build your fitness. Check out your schedule. See when you can fit in some training. If you do not see an obvious time slot, you’re going to have to make one. And you’re going to have to stick to it. The more you stick to your plan the more manageable the marathon will be for you. You will seriously regret it if you do not stick to your training.

Build your endurance bit by bit

Each week make it your goal to increase the amount of running and other training you do. Increase in increments of time. 5 minutes extra on your run, an extra minute of leg lifts etc. This way you’ll be able to increase your fitness level gradually over your training period. This is a great way to avoid pushing yourself too hard and to avoid possible injury.

Look after your body

It is important to take special care of yourself during this time. Make sure you give yourself and your body time to recover should you find yourself with any injury, even minor ones. If you have pushed yourself too hard during training, give yourself a days grace.

Make sure you’re eating properly while training. As you’ll be bring more calories than usual. Slow burning cars are great for this. Runners also take calories in while running, through energy drinks etc. You will need to do the same while running your marathon.

Trial run

Before the big day of the marathon, you should do a practice run. If you’re running a local marathon, and can imitate the exact route, you should do it. If not, you should make your own course of the same distance. This is to see for yourself how well you’ll cope with the actual marathon and how much your training has paid off. You should do this more than once if you can. Half way to your marathon, would be the best time to do it. This way you know you have time to improve the things that you struggled on. Then on marathon day you’ll be able to measure your improvement.

Stay positive, and stay determined. Running a marathon is not about winning, it is about achieving something that you set out to do. If you have determination you can rum a marathon no matter how little experience you may have.

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